Thursday, May 7, 2009

be nice - be clever!

Apparently working full time and trying launch a website AND have a family leaves very little time for sleeping and relaxing. The crazy part is I am so energized! Once I wake up, anyway. The part where the alarm goes off and I have to actually get out of bed is not so much fun. Especially since we have had rain and clouds for the last ooooh 10 or so days. Today we had rare sunlight! I was never so happy to have meetings in different offices.

Last night, I didn't even get online. I know! It was weird, concentrating only on my son who would NOT go to sleep and that lovely show 'Lost'. Seriously that show drives me crazy. I hate it but I have to know what happens next! I literally shiver. I believe it's the sinister score because during commercials I stop shivering. Crazy television (no, not me, it's all the tv show). It is kind of fun to annoy my husband with questions though... so that's a bonus!

Anyway the point is, I slacked off and didn't get to ask you guys a HUGE favor!!

On the site we have set it up to flip through different clever sayings every time you login. We think we are all cool. Really it's just that since the geeks are working on the beta site in their spare time as well, it takes a little longer than we had thought... so instead of just twiddling our thumbs, we thought it would be fun to go ahead and add more clever sayings! Waddaya say? Post clever sayings in the comments! Be inspired by each others ideas!

Focus is around creating good - go for it! maybe best ones will get a prize ;)


Kathy Howe said...

OMG! Pamakana is YOU!?!?! I had no idea!?!? Where the hell have I BEEN!?!?

Besides on city streets running like an effing moron?


Kathy Howe said...

Oh and "running like an effing moron" is not intended to be a clever or inspiring comment. LOL

Kate said...

hahahaaa KathyHowe! it is SO GOING IN! ok maybe not :)

yes it's me! and a few others! very exciting! more to come soon ;)