Monday, May 4, 2009

pamakana today pop art tomorrow!

So now when people at work say 'how was your weekend?' I try to just play it all cool and go 'it was nice' and yet I am BEAMING from ear to ear because I am so freaking excited about!!!

So last night I tried to setup a fan page on Facebook. emphasis on 'try' because it took me HOURS which is just insane. there are groups and there are fan pages. And no matter which you choose, only one person is allowed to have a facebook account which means if you are a business and you want to keep it separate from your personal facebook you can't. Well you COULD but then they find you and delete you that's not good. And I suffer from compulsive rule following. ok not always but I wanted to at least TRY.

They trick you into reading their agreements by making it hard and when you are looking for 'help' files you accidentally read the 'rules' and then you feel compelled to 'follow' them. sneaky. totally taking notes on that one.

We went for a fan page, I decided to just do it with my account and it's not so bad! Didn't hurt at all mom! We even have 14 fans on facebook and 43 followers on twitter! woohoo!

shhh did you hear that? I believe it's the first sounds of some buzz... :)

So we have twitter, facebook, and a sign up page - what else are we missing? Where else do you hang out online that I should check out?

Next up -! poor site is all neglected... (dont bother clicking, nothin there - yet!)

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