Saturday, May 2, 2009

What's done is DONE - A Whole New Everything

Changing things up a bit here and, well, I just like the name too much to really start over!  so I just deleted all the old ones.


oh yes I DID!  (felt sooo rebellious!)  

Now I am going to pretend that you care to know WHY - and tell you.

Over the past few months my fulltime job has gotten a little out of hand with long hours and lots of stress.  The economy has not helped.  But hey!  I have a job!  Yet, suddenly, that wasn't enough anymore.  I realized that even though I don't have buckets of spare time, I really want to spend those few mintues connecting with people and doing things I like.  

What's one of my favorite things?  Most simply:  People

I enjoy hearing about what people are going through in their lives, what they have learned what path they have chosen, why they made particular decisions.  Shocking that as soon as I discovered how to follow interesting people on Twitter I was suddenly HOOKED.  Ok maybe not so shocking.  

Then my husband FINALLY agrees to let me market his artwork while he will just create - BONUS!  So now I have a fantastic URL, but no site deisgned.  Oh of course I know programmers who would do it for me - this is not a complicated site I need.  But these web-designer friends are kinda busy at the moment on...

The startup that came to my sister in a dream.  I figured if she was going to dream it, we should at least give it a good go and try to make it happen... so that's what we are doing!  Of course we are on twitter as well... so go follow us there too.  It's very much a work in progress, 

Yes, that would be me working full time and starting two businesses.  And this blog is now to be my sanity and my outlet for things that just do NOT fit in the 140 character limit on twitter.   Plus, twitter still scares me a little, but it's getting better. 

I am posting again!  I have a general direction!  hmm anyone reading?


Balcony Gal said...


snowelf said...

Good Luck to you guys Kate!! I'm so happy for you! WtG!! :)


Lauren said...

I'm reading!

Kate said...

woohoo! three whole people! (no half people? 3/4 people?)
haha :)