Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to Me! (and YOU but it's over so can't really order you to have a happy day when it's in the past)

Can I tell you how much I loved my ENTIRE WEEKEND?

Because it was FAN TAB U LOUS!

1. Weather more beautiful than I could have imagined. Seriously, perfect.

2. Saturday my husband spent the day on yard work while the boy and I went out and ran errands. Yard look gooooood! ok looks better than it did, not winning any awards here, but he planted flowers and herbs. HERBS PEOPLE! I can make fresh pesto... i feel so domestic and green

3. Sunday morning I awoke to presents being flung at me by the cutest almost 3 year old ever

4. Opening presents revealed a framed photo of my husband and child. Husband actually went out and got this done all the while keeping it a secret and it looks GOOD! If I weren't already laying donw when I opened it, I might have fainted.

5. Also got a tiny digital camera that also supposedly takes movies. I think curiosity got the best of him and Mother's day was a good excuse. (it's cute and silly and fun, of course I love it!)

6. The three of us went to Starbucks for sustenance (I might be a little addicted, so not yet admitting it)

7. The three of us went to Home Goods/TJ Maxx types to look at random furniture because I am currently obsessing on the terrible state of my living room furniture and am convinced I can replace the seating for next to nothing. Do not try to argue, I will find the perfect thing for next to nothing! purchased a salt shaker/pepper grinder and a vinyl cloth for the patio table. I consider them part of my Mother's Day gifts

8. Insisted on going to new this place called Masala Wok 'a casual indian diner' that just opened for lunch. My husband claims to hate curry so I used today as an excuse to force him into trying something new. This is not normally his deal. He is pretty much against 'new' until he tries it and likes it. This place knows it's audience - they had a 'kids' menu with chicken nuggets and waffle fries. He and the boy split it and were stuffed. I could not finish my awesome awesome AWESOME Butter Masala with paneer. YUM. cannot say enough YUM!

9. Nap time

10. Headed to the aunt and uncle's place for family festivities.

The family festivities were fun. This included watching all the kids play 3 or more games over top of one another. My almost 3 year old spend about oooh 5 hours or so playing with his little golf set in the back yard. He hit one over the fence from which he learned to pay attention to direction and not hit them over the fence. He also spent a lot of time lining up his puts like they do on TV. He may be a tiny bit obsessed.

The older cousins were tossing footballs, random round balls, frisbees while others were hula hooping (I looked it up, that's how you spell it!) and others still making up their own games!

Seriously, I could not have ordered a better day. Just fantastic. I hope you had a great day!!!

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